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Many employers sponsor the cost of accent reduction & ESL training.
   Check with your employer.   


$355 (includes pronunciation, speaking, grammar & writing)  

$245 for pronunciation & speaking only 

$125 for grammar & writing only.

Live On-line Private Lessons:  

$130 per 1 hour session; $70 per 1/2 hour session   (Zoom, Skype or Webex)

Live On-line packages:  

$1,250 for 10 hours or $2,300 for 20 hours or $3,300 for 30 hours  (A package secures your time slot as time slots must be paid for in advance.)

Private Lessons At Instructor's Office In Los Gatos or Campbell

$130 per hour

Instructor's Office Packages

$1,250 for 10 hours, $2,300 for 20 hours (or) $3,300 for 30 hours

Private Lessons At Student's Location

$280 per 90 minute session 

Student's Location Packages: 

$4,800 for 30 hours (20 lessons, 90 minutes each. surcharge if more than 25 minutes from Los Gatos)  $2,600 for 15 hours (10 lessons)

  • Ask about mixing a package:  some on-line lessons & some on-site or off-site lessons
  • Create a semi-private lesson and add a spouse or friend of the same language background and similar ability for $25/hr
  • Anything is possible with Smooth English!

Lessons must be paid for in advance to secure a time slot. Four hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid loss of a lesson. All packages are non-transferrable and non-refundable.  Packages must be used within 18 months of purchase date. 

Check, PayPal, or Zelle is accepted.  Paypal