Frequently asked questions

Does it work to have lessons on Zoom instead of in person?

Yes, you can actually see your face in the video. It works like a mirror, which is great for correction. Also, I can share the screen with you to show you my written lessons and use the annotations feature on Zoom to make personalized notes on the lesson. Then I can send you a screenshot so you remember everything we talked about. Plus, you can request to record the lesson. .

How many lessons do I need?

Everyone learns at a different rate. What takes one student ten minutes may take another student two hours. After I have done your test assessment, I can estimate how many hours you might need. After your second lesson I can refine my estimate based on how well you did your homework and learned between the first and second lesson.

Should I pay for one lesson at a time or should I buy a package?

Whatever is most convenient for you. If you pay for one lesson at a time you can stop whenever you want. If you buy a package, you will be motivated to complete all your lessons. Plus, your time slot will be secured. Remember, you have 18 months to use your package so you still have plenty of time for vacation.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, cash or check.

How do I stop making the same pronunciation mistakes?

After each lesson I will email you repetition audio that matches the lesson we covered. I will say the same sentence up to ten times and leave a space between each sentence for you to imitate me. Each time you imitate me, you will notice something new about the sentence. You will begin to self-correct and improve your muscle memory. You can listen to the audio and imitate while you’re driving, shaving or washing the dishes. Short five-minute practices throughout the day are most effective for changing your muscle memory. You will also want to take difficult phrases that we work on together and try to use them in your daily life. Keep your goals simple. Work on incorporating only one or two phrases per day into your conversation.

Will the textbook cover all of my problems?

No, it won’t. That’s why I heavily supplement the textbook with materials I made myself. I constantly make new materials for new students as needed.

What If I have to reschedule? Will I lose the lesson?

Absolutely not. While other professionals require 24-hours’ notice, I only require 4-hours’ notice, so it’s very easy to reschedule with me. I understand that work meetings can suddenly pop up.
8) Should I pay for one lesson at a time or should I buy a package?
Whatever works for you! If you're not sure how many lessons you'll want to take, take one at a time. If you don't want to remember to make a payment every time, or you want to save money or you want to motivate yourself to study because you've already paid, then buy a package. A package also helps me plan your overall curriculum.

What if I want to have a couple of lessons in person at my office, but then I decide to save money  and have the rest of the lessons on Zoom? Can I still buy a package?

Yes. We can create a mixed package. Also, we can apply money from in person lessons toward extra Zoom lessons. Anything is possible!

Do I have to use Zoom for online private lessons?

No. I have also taught on Webex, Skype, Facetime and even Facebook messenger.

Why should I take lessons from you rather than thousands of other instructors on the Internet?

I am passionate about my work and the English language. I offer the most detailed knowledge I’ve seen, yet I know how to convey it in a clear and organized fashion. Just watch one of my YouTube videos or read one of my blog entries to confirm this.

Can you help me prepare for a presentation or work interview?

Yes. I have helped many students revise their presentations or interview answers and improve the delivery. At any time we can replace one of your regular lessons with presentation or interview preparation. You can change the numbers, names or any confidential information before sharing your presentation with me.

Can you help me prepare for TOEFL?

Yes, I used to teach TOEFL preparation courses for Kaplan.

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