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The Rhythm Of English Online Course

Sounding choppy and stressing every word is the surest way to have people tune you out.  Learn the secrets of holding your audience's attention through proper sentence stress.

In this 5.5 hour course, you will learn:

  • the nature of English stress within a sentence

  • how to energize and de-energize a syllable

  • which words to stress 

  • how to stress them  

  • what do do with words we don't stress

  • how to use timing, speed and momentum between stresses 

  • all the tools for "de-stressing" a word, including reductions, contractions, linking and blending

Rhythm Artwork

In this course you will:

  • Learn the lessons through pictures, stories and poems. 

  • Practice the lessons by listening to and repeating sentences over and over with the repetition audio recordings.  Repetition practice improves your observation skills, listening and muscle memory.  

  • Print out the written material for note taking and guiding yourself through the practice audio.

  • Be able to message the instructor with questions.

  • Receive live instructor feedback during monthly office hours on Zoom 

  • Have the opportunity to simultaneously study the instructor's other courses: 1) Melody, 2) Word Stress, 3) Vowels and 4) Consonants.

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