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Dallas Online English Classes

Dallas industries have attracted your talent and skills, so now you need to get your English up to speed.  You need that extra push so you can keep up with native speakers and communicate your ideas.  Accent reduction and individualized ESL training wll help you reach new heights.


Testing / Individualized Lessons

The trained instructor will listen to your test recordings and analyze everything that contributes to your accent.  The report will be the foundation of your lessons.

On a Video Call

Private Zoom Lessons

Zoom is perfect for learning English and correcting your accent.  You can see yourself, like in a mirror, and the instructor's face.  The shared screen can be annotated and saved.  The entire lesson can be recorded for future reference.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Payment Flexibility

You can pay for one lesson at a time or choose a package.  PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are accepted.  You have 18 months to use a package.  

To know more about our courses please follow the link below.

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