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Yelp reviews

wendy c.


English is my second language. My reading comprehension is good, but speaking with some accent. My problem lays with incorrect vowel pronunciations. Ever since I use Sheila's IOS apps, my pronunciation has improved a lot. Usually I just repeat after her until I get it right then move on to another word...

Olena P.


I have been taking Sheila's private classes for a while now. First, I benefited from learning and practicing pronunciation of the English vowels. I realized what vowels were of a particular difficulty for me. I am sure it would not have been possible to diagnose  without a teacher's help. Second......

    dimych l.


I signed up for testing and 20 hours of accent reduction training.  I felt like maybe I could communicate better as an engineer at work.  The testing was quick.  It took me just 10 minutes to record my voice reading some words and answering some prompts.  Then just 1 day later...

Laoda Y.


I have been taking accent reduction and grammar lessons with Sheila for over a year. Sheila is a fantastic teacher. She has a methodical teaching curriculum and techniques to lead me through the lessons. She is very knowledgeable... 

Phuc T.


I took 10 lessons for pronunciation/accent reduction with Sheila. It's very helpful. Sheila is a great and enthusiastic teacher. She is always well prepared for the class and send you homework/recordings after class for your practice at home. I had face-to-face lessons at her place in Los Gatos,...


I 've been taking 6 courses with Sheila covering vocabulary, gramma and pronunciation,  which are pretty helpful to me. She prepares a lot before each class and gives one-to-one feedbacks. Each class follows...

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