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ESL & Pronunciation Training for All Levels 
Smooth English offers:

  • Complete ESL services, including reading, writing, grammar, listening, public speaking, conversation and cultural competence, for beginner to advanced students.
  • Pronunciation / accent reduction training for non-native English speakers, with beginner to advanced English skills, who want to reduce or modify their accents, speak English more clearly & excel in their careers.
    • One on One Training
    • Group Training and Workshops
  • Individualized ESL programs for law, business or other specific purposes.
  • Diction coaching for native or non-native English speaking actors.

Individualized Testing

Let Smooth English assess your English and suggest a course tailored just for your needs.  Only a trained ESL instructor can assess and improve all aspects of your English.  Perhaps you need much focus on pronunciation and a little on grammar, or vice versa.  Let a professional guide your valuable time.  

To get tested, simply email me a request. Once I receive payment by PayPal, I will email the test to you.  Then you can record yourself taking the oral portion of the test using any voice recorder.  This part will take about 10 minutes and includes the opportunity for you to make a 2-3 minutes speech on any topic.  The written part will take another 30-50 minutes; it includes grammar and writing.  Finally, email the mp3 of the oral test and any written parts of the test back to me.  

Within 3 days, I will listen to the recordings repeatedly, analyze your speech, read the written parts of your test and write a report that fully assesses your English abilities, highlighting everything that can be improved.   The report classifies your errors and includes examples from your test.  I will email the results and a suggested course of study.  

All Aspects of American Pronunciation

Clients focus on how all sounds are related to and different from one another, specific sound articulation, word stress rules, the rhythm and flow of sentences, intonation & entire speeches.  We can also work on speech delivery habits, breath support, resonance and anything that detracts from your presentation.

Knowledgeable Trainer

The American born owner & instructor of Smooth English is patient and enthusiastic.  She has over 20 years of experience teaching for accent reduction companies and ESL schools, a master's degree in teaching ESL from the University of Illinois and a background in business, law, theater, singing & public speaking. 

1 on 1, Face to Face Instruction

In the early stages of learning, applying the rules face to face with a knowledgeable instructor, rather than on your own at home or with untrained American friends, will ensure that the rules are learned correctly.  Whether on Zoom or in person, tactile, visual and audio methods make face to face instruction essential.  

Convenient On-Line or On-Site Training 

1 or 2hr lessons are scheduled at your Silicon Valley office, a coffee shop or the library, to fit your schedule.  The client need not lose valuable time driving to an instructor's office.  Lessons can take place before work, during client's breaks, over lunch, or (7:30AM-6PM M-F) Limited availability on Saturday and Sunday morning as well.  Live 30 minute+ lessons may also be held on Zoom, Webex or Skype.    

Commitment Flexibility

Each client may choose between paying for one lesson at a time or a package of lessons at a discounted price.

Organized Learning Materials

The accent program uses a textbook, audio recordings for home practice & unique, systematic, well-organized course supplements designed by the instructor.  The charts and rules appeal to engineers and anyone with a technical mind.  After understanding the rules and breakdown, a client will quickly engage in self-correction and a lifelong memory and application of the rules.  The ESL program uses instructor-made material, specific for each student, as well as instructor-suggested textbooks, which vary from client to client.  

Focus on Helping Companies Succeed

Many companies will reimburse our clients for the cost of training.  Check with your employer.  We also offer corporate pricing for multiple clients.  When employees communicate better, your company will operate more efficiently and profitably.  Ideas from brilliant employees are lost everyday because of improper pronunciation and speech habits.

Group Lessons / Seminars

Ask about group lessons for companies online or at your office.  1-2 hour workshops on accent reduction are popular at bay area tech companies.  Diction seminars are available to acting groups.  

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