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What do I teach?

I provide ESL & pronunciation training for all levels.

  • ESL Services: Reading, writing, grammar, listening, public speaking, conversation and cultural competence

  • Pronunciation / accent reduction training for non-native English speakers who would like to speak English more clearly & excel in their careers

  • English for specific careers:  Individualized ESL programs for law, business or other purposes

  • Individualized Testing:  Pronunciation, speaking, grammar, & writing evaluation to customize your lessons

Live instruction teaches you exactly what you need to know and  provides you with instant feedback.

Online courses offer an effective and efficient way for cost conscious students to improve upon their skills.

Introduction to Smooth English  

Introduction to Smooth English  

At Smooth English, you will receive...

At Smooth English, you will receive...

Complete American pronunciation coaching

Specific sound articulation
Word stress rules
Rhythm and flow 
Intonation and sentence stress
Speech delivery habits, breath support and resonance

Convenient online or 
in-person training options

Save time by learning from your home or office.
Meet Sheila at your office, a coffee shop or your local library.
Schedule lessons before work, during your breaks, over lunch, or anytime that's convenient for you.
Choose 30-60 minute lessons on Zoom, as often as you'd like.

A knowledgeable Trainer

Native speaker of American English from the accent-neutral Midwest
20 years of experience teaching accent reduction in industry and ESL schools
Master's degree in teaching ESL from the University of Illinois
Background in business, law, theater, singing & public speaking

Organized Learning Materials

Personalized textbook recommendations to suit your needs
Instructor-made course supplements, including audio recordings, videos and apps
Customized supplements, as needed
Online self-learning courses

Commitment Flexibility

Pay per lesson.
Pay for a package at a discounted price.

Group Lessons / Seminars

Group lessons available 
1-2 hour accent reduction workshops
Diction seminars for acting groups.  


I have been taking accent reduction and grammar lessons with Sheila for over a year. Sheila is a fantastic teacher. She has a methodical teaching curriculum and techniques to lead me through the lessons. She is very knowledgeable about  English grammar and pronunciation rules and is able to apply the knowledge in our lessons. She is patient, professional, and always on time.  We have had  lessons in person and on skype.  Because meeting on Skype is more convenient, we did most of our lessons using skype.

Laoda Y.

Mountain View, CA

Contact me & 
Let's get started!

Phone number   408-674-0584

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