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Small group lessons vs. Private Lessons

Not everyone can afford private English pronunciation lessons, and that's why I offer small group lessons. This can work two ways. 1) If you have your own small group, you can schedule a private lesson, with as many people as you'd like, and then split the cost. The lesson can still be on Zoom. or 2) If you don't have your own small group, you can join one of my pre-scheduled small groups (found at www.smooth-english/services)

Whether you create your own small group or join one of mine, you can have a great English learning experience in a small group. Here are the advantages of small group lessons:

  • You learn by listening to the mistakes of others and hearing how they are corrected.

  • You will hear great questions posed by your fellow students, questions that you might never have thought about by yourself.

  • You can meet some conversation or practice partners.

  • You can meet fellow students who seem to learn at your pace and invite them into your own future small group, where you can control the time and day of the lesson.

  • It can give you an overview of a topic and steer you toward subtopics your need to work on.

  • It takes the pressure off of you to perform since only 1/5 of the time is focused on you. While you're not on the spot, you can relax and listen to others. Being relaxed, you will pick up on nuances you otherwise might have missed. If fewer than 5 people are signed up, there will be even more time for you.

  • At only $25/lesson, small group lessons are an economic way to learn English pronunciation and receive feedback.

I pre-schedule 5-10 small group lessons per month, on different times and days. One lesson will be about vowels, one about consonants, one about word stress, another about rhythm and the last about melody. You can sign up for all of them or just the one you want to work on. If you're taking an online course on one of those topics, try coming to that topic's small group lesson. Sub-topics for each lesson will change from session to session depending on the needs and requests of the students present.

Signup is simple. Pick the class you'd like, PayPal the fee and note in your PayPal notes which class you are signing up for. Then you'll receive the Zoom link. If the class is still posted online, it is still available. If a class fills

us, it will be removed and a new time will be added to the website (

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